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At ClarksLaw LLC we are highly skilled and experienced to handle a wide range of cases. We are here to help you with business matters, wills, healthcare decisions, guardianships, conservatorships, landlord-tenant issues and whatever else life may bring your way. You can trust us to take your side and achieve results. 

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Business Disputes

Are you a business owner who has found themselves in a legal situation or one that requires a legal insight? At ClarksLaw LLC we can work with you to resolve disputes including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business fraud
  • Disputes in the trucking and transportation industry
  • Personal injury,  catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims related to construction and contractor liability, and professional liability
  • Oil and gas litigation

We are equally prepared and experienced to negotiate your case or take your case to the courtroom to fight for your rights. Whatever your business needs ClarksLaw LLC is here to get results for you. 

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Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Healthcare Directives

Planning ahead will give you and your family peace of mind in a difficult time. Preparing yourself for incapacity or end of life issues will prevent a great deal of confusion and dispute when the time comes to make difficult decisions and take action. Wills, power of attorney, and healthcare directives are necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly.


A will -- also called a last will and testament -- is a document that lays out what you want to happen to your property and other assets (your estate) when you pass away. In a will, you name your heirs, a guardian for your minor children and also an executor for your will -- the person to collect and distribute your assets. 

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that lets you name someone to make decisions on your behalf in business, legal matters, healthcare, and other private matters. In the event that a person cannot act on his or her own to make a decision or cannot be present, the agent/attorney must make decisions on their behalf in their best interests.

Healthcare Directives

What kind of medical care would you want if you were too ill or hurt to express your wishes? 

Advance directives, also known as living wills, are legal documents that allow you to spell out your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. They give you a way to tell your wishes to family, friends, and health care professionals and to avoid confusion later on. A living will tells which treatments you want if you are dying or permanently unconscious. You can accept or refuse medical care before you are unable to do so. 

A durable power of attorney for health care is a document that names your health care proxy. Your proxy is someone you trust to make health decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

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Legal Guardianships and Conservatorships

If an elderly family member or a loved one with special needs becomes unable to make decisions or otherwise care for themselves, you may want to consider seeking legal guardianship or a conservatorship to give you and your family the ability to make the best decisions for an elderly or incapacitated loved one.

Under a conservatorship, a person's financial decisions are taken over by another person. Guardianships are established when a person is appointed to make non-economic life decisions on behalf of an incapacitated or incompetent person, such as where the person will live, and whether or not the person consents to medical procedures.

ClarksLaw LLC will help you through this complex process by: 

  • Filing petitions to establish a guardianship or conservatorship.
  • Arranging for evaluations to verify the need for a Guardian or Conservator.
  • Assisting with required asset disclosure forms.
  • Helping you get the necessary bonding to act as a Conservator.

We can also:

  • Defend against an unwanted guardianship or conservatorship application. 
  • Petition for the removal of guardians and/or conservators in cases of mismanagement, wrongdoing or other reasons. 
  • Assisting with interstate transfers of guardianships or conservatorships.
  • Help with the sale of property or other assets by a Guardian or Conservator.  

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Landlord-Tenant Issues

Are you a renter who is facing eviction or is having trouble getting repairs done or have you been wrongfully evicted? Are you a landlord who has a tenant that won’t pay rent on time or at all, who has overstayed their lease and refuses to leave? 

If you are a Landlord or a Tenant in need of help ClarksLaw LLC can help you with:

  • Rental Payment Issues;
  • Violations of Lease Agreements;
  • Premises Liability and Personal Injury claims involving Slip-and-Fall accidents and Inadequate Security;
  • Eviction matters 
  • Retaliatory Eviction Matters;
  • Housing Discrimination Claims; and
  • Failure to Repair Claims.

No matter what your issue it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in the intricacies of Landlord-Tenant Law and who cares about your situation.

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